Are we all in the same "bloat" ? How to get rid of bloating tips

Bloat- we all have it, including Hotties like celeb Soraya Shawky! but how can we fight it? Yep, we are talking about having an annoying bulging stomach that is preventing you from wearing crop tops, a bikini or even just a tank top that is your actual size, not a couple more! It’s important for us women to love our bodies and accept our flaws, but a few tweaks to better ourselves and live healthier lives can't hurt. Here are a couple of our Hottie Detox tips to help you reduce bloating and see immediate improvement, along with a cup of #hottietea


First, it is so important that you understand how your body works. Our female hormones cause our bodies to retain water in a different manner than men. Go figure! See, estradiol and progesterone (found in some oral contraceptives/birth control pills) primarily control our periods and fertility, but they also affect fluid regulation and water retention, changes in our female hormone levels could also mean more bloating. Here's how... Estradiol lowers the operating point for osmoregulation of arginine vasopressin and thirst and increases plasma volume. Although total body water and sodium content are only mildly affected, research show that our female reproductive hormones alter homeostatic set points for body fluid and tonicity, suggesting that women are more susceptible to bloating at different times of the month, which simply means, that around ovulation and during menstruation, adding a 15 minutes sweat sessions, an extra cup of Hottie Detox and eating more "de-bloating" foods can keep your tummy bloat free.


Let this be as clear as daylight ladies! We are talking about added SALT AND SUGARS, with the keyword being "added." Sugar gets stored in our fat cells, and salt causes our cells to expand and retain more water, hence the bloated feeling after a naughty treat. It is unrealistic, unhealthy and impossible to complete cut salt and sugar entirely because they help maintain the natural equilibrium of our bodies, maintain a stable blood pH, and keep us hydrated. The truth is, salt and sugar are naturally occurring in fruits and veggies - yes ladies, even cucumbers contain on average 5g of sugar! So you can see now why it is so important to stay away from ADDED salt and processed sugar because our bodies are taking in enough natural salt and sugar already. 

Plus, ( you already know that, but just in case) sodium from salt causes fluid retention which makes you look bigger and weigh more, it is so important to limit salt intake. Other foods that might cause bloating are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, beans, dairy products and artificial sweeteners. I recommend eating those at night, to get your mega dose of nutrients and give your digestive system enough time to process and break down these foods.


There are a ton of foods and herbs that help with bloating, my top five foods to reduce bloating are spinach, asparagus, cucumbers, oats and strawberries. Herbs and teas have a much more powerful and instant effect. Mixing dandelion leaves, ginger root, green tea, anise seeds and mint would provide an immediate relief to bloating, or you can have a cup of our Teatox! Hottie Detox teas are formulated with anti bloating herbs and spices, slimming herbs and digestive aids, have a cup first thing in the AM and another one before bed every other night, you will love waking up with a flat tummy, and who doesn't!



Flaxseed! Flaxseed increases estrogen levels and boosts collagen production. By adding 2 tablespoons tablespoons of flaxseed to your #hottiedetox bedtime snack before sleeping, you can reduce bloating and wake up lighter. And of course, don't forget to pair it with your @hottiedetox night cleanse before bed, to burn fat while sleeping and wake up bloat free. Add a tablespoon amount of the chocolate or mojito mint night please to a cup of boiling water and enjoy waking up with a flat tummy!


We are happy to say that over 90% of Hotties have reported waking up bloat free after 1 cup of the night cleanse, including celebrity Soraya Shawky who loves taking Hottie Detox tea with her on her trips and before photoshoots and events. Here's Soraya's honest #hottiedetox tea review:
"Most of you who know me , know how crazy i am about tea. But this one had a different impact on me. I no longer feel bloated and my tummy is slowly getting flatter. "

Check out the recipe section to see how to make fat blasting smoothies with Hottie Detox tea and get it at or We ship worldwide and offer #cashondelivery in the Middle East and #lebanon



Dr. Charo 


  • Yes!!!! hormones are everything!!!!! Enjoying a cup of my morning teatox and reading ur blog!

    Martha D
  • Very interesting! Thank you for posting Dr. Charo looking forward to reading more of your posts! And I love how hottie tea makes my bloat go away <3

    Joanna Lindberg
  • What a great post! I love the science part it makes all sense now!

    Melina Andres
  • Love this article! Love my Hottie Tea!!!

    Sandy A

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