Stress and Cholesterol! How They Are Related?

Some researchers found that there is a strong link between cholesterol and stress levels, both can lead to strokes or heart attacks.

In this article we will talk about What is cholesterol? What are the risks of the increasing levels of cholesterol inside the human body? How it is linked to stress? And some tips to have a healthy and cholesterol-free life.

What is Cholesterol?

聽Cholesterol is defined as a fatty substance that is found in some types of food, moreover, it is naturally produced by our bodies. The risk does not come from the level of cholesterol content in the foods, yet it comes from the saturated and trans fats in our diets which stimulate the body to produce more cholesterol.

What are The Types of Cholesterol?聽

Cholesterol is categorized into two main categories; namely, good (HDL) cholesterols and bad (LDL) cholesterols. The typical levels of these types are:

路聽For the HDL cholesterol: At least 60 mg/dL

路聽For the LDL cholesterol: Maximum of 100 mg/dL

路聽Total: Maximum of 200 mg/dL

When the LDL cholesterol level is high, it accumulates on the walls of your arteries increasing the probability of a heart attack.

What Are the Causes of High Cholesterol Levels?

Studies suggest that there are many factors that can lead to high cholesterol levels, for instance:

路聽Family History




The American Heart Association recommends that the cholesterol level must be checked every 5 years.

What Is the Link Between Cholesterol and Stress?聽

One study showed that there is a strong linkage between high levels of stress and having overweight and less healthy lifestyle, and both are strong factors for high levels of cholesterol.

Another study, that was conducted on more than 90000 people, showed that those who experience excessive work-stress have higher possibility of suffering from high levels of cholesterol. This is explained by that their bodies release cortisol, which is a hormone that gets released as a response to stress. When the levels of cortisol increase on the long-term due to continuous stress, this increases the risk of high cholesterol levels. 聽

How to Maintain the Healthy Level of Cholesterol Inside Your Body?

There are some tips that will help you maintaining the healthy level of cholesterol inside your body:

聽Stress Control:聽controlling stress will inhibit the production of cortisol.

聽Doing Sports:聽Doing sports and exercising help much in maintaining the typical level of cholesterol.

聽Eating Healthy

  • 聽Detoxing: Detox will cleanse your body from all toxins that may lead to the accumulation of LDL inside your body.

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