Kiss cellulite good-bye this summer by doing this for 5 minutes a week

 Kiss cellulite good-bye this summer by doing this for 5 minutes a week

HOTTIE SCRUB is a GREAT BOOST for the lymphatic movement and circulation, as well as TIGHTENING OF THE SKIN, ladies! Ditch the expensive and sticky creams. All you need for this is your hands, Hottie Scrub and 5 minutes a week in the show..

Just ensure you pay specific attention to your cellulite areas whilst massaging the scrub with your hands and with delicate circular motions focusing on your cellulite areas. This boosts your lymphatic flow, discharging all your bad toxins and wastes which could result in an improvement of skin texture and reduction of the appearance of cellulite in as little as one week.

Follow this routine before your shower for just 5 minutes once or twice a week and try to make it a ritual of your weekend morning.  Doing it in the morning before the start of your weekend it can make you more RELAXED AND REVITALIZED. Within a few days you can expect to see results. Start off soft as the experience can be a bit intensive at first, but as your body becomes accustomed to it you can bolster up the pressure.

Not only are you getting an improvement with the flow of lymph and blood, but you are also STIMULATING the formation of new cells by ERASING the dead cells on your skin, and also causing the fat cells to smooth out.

The other effects of the cellulite scrub is that your skin tone becomes more even and it can cause complete eradication of ingrown hairs and bumps that you may have on your upper thighs of buttocks.