Diamond Package

Diamond Package

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The 6 Months  Diamond Package is perfect for women with a long term goal to reach, whether your BMI is higher than 30, have more than 30 lbs to lose, or want to have access to Dr. Charo as your personal nutritionist, to maintain your weight, the 6 months  program is for you. Signing up for the 6 months program will will allow Dr. Charo to get to know you on all levels including your past experiences with diets, relationship to food, exercise, food likes/dislikes, challenges you come across, and much more. Dr. Charo created this program after years of scientific research in the field of metabolism, nutrition and gender specific Wellness  and uses her experience with various regimens and healthy lifestyle approaches to help you achieve long term goals. During your weekly phone or skype consultations, Dr. Charo will make specific recommendations tailored to your personal nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle goals by setting a wellness vision and goals to work towards. This program is highly recommended because Dr. Charo is your own personal nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach. You may communicate with Dr.Charo anytime during the week (with the exception of Saturdays). The goal is to answer your questions, meet your needs for fast Wellness  that is permanent.


- Access to Dr. Charo unlimited (except for Saturday) via phone, Whatsapp, and Skype;

- Weekly meal plan tailored to your needs;

- 6 months supply of Hottie Tea;

- Measurement Sheet;

- Full nutrition and dietary assessment;

- Individual goals and recommendations;

- Healthy Recipes;

- Grocery Shopping List as needed;

- Body sculpting and fitness program ;

- Additional tip sheets that may be beneficial for your progress;

- Skin care regimen and recommendation;

- Restaurant recommendations based on location;

- Educational Material that will educate you as needed;

- Body Transformation Plan with Estimated Date to Meet Goals;

- Motivation to empower to you in order for you to meet your goals!

- 30% discount.