Level 2 Teatox (above 65kgs)

More than 10 kgs

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STOP punishing your body with restrictive dieting, and start losing weight by cleansing your body of harmful toxins causing you to be hungry, tired and overweight with Dr. Charo's 4 week weight loss and beauty detox program.  Lose up to 10 kgs or 22 lbs this month! Dr. Charo's scientifically formulated teas scientifically backed with the power of  herbal medicine arecan help you lose weight by cleansing your body and getting rid of toxins and waste causing you to gain weight, suffer from cravings and sugar addiction and bloating. This powerful accelerated formula is 3X more concentrated than our basic Hottie Detox program and is recommended for anyone with more than 10 kgs or 22 lbs to lose. It's time to get healthy, lose weight, and take years off your face with our personalized 4 week program! The accelerated 4 week program is 100% personalized and comes with both morning teatox and night cleanse, 3x more Puerh Tea, Gotu Kola, Forskolin, Neem leaves and more! For a limited time, you get a complimentary body assessment session to customize your dose, ongoing email support, as well as the option to add a full consultation with Dr. Charo for a discounted price to guide you through out your journey to a healthier, better you! You can do this beautiful!