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Are you a pro at losing weight then gaining it, then losing it and gaining it all back again? Looking to get rid of cellulite? have slimmer legs? arms? Do you suffer from skin issues? Acne? Anxiety eating? Do you rely on food as an emotional crutch when things in your life aren’t looking so great? Or do you simply want to radically change your body so you feel good about what you see in the mirror?

The Ultimate Body Detox is a fully immersive personalized program developed by Dr. Charo that leverages her latest findings and research in the fields of psychology, molecular metabolism, sports nutrition and behavioral sciences with a focus on emotional eating to achieve truly, the ultimate body transformation. This program is an intensive 8 weeks program, with full customization of Hottie Tea, dosage according to your weight and goals, this program includes 3 one on one Skype sessions with Dr. Charo AND a complimentary fitness program for anyone looking to shape their body and get in shape! 

How it Works

1- The first thing you do is schedule an appointment with Dr. Charo to assess your weight, fitness and wellness goal. During this initial meeting you will discuss your goals, health challenges, issues with past diets if any, lifestyle, dietary restrictions and any personal and professional goals holding you back from meeting your goals.

2- Drink the Morning Teatox 10 minutes before breakfast or lunch. This will help control your appetite, suppress your cravings, boost your energy and speed up your metabolism for accelerated weight loss! No need to starve yourself or feel hungry to look great and feel great!!

3- Before going to bed, drink the Night Cleanse (“Triple Chocolate” is our fav!) and wake up bloat free (not to sound gross here but you know what we are talking about!) and with a flatter tummy.

4- Follow personalized training program based on your initial assessment with Dr. Charo that you can do at the gym or at the comfort of your home. The level and intensity of the workouts is COMPLETELY tailored to YOU and your fitness level.

5- Follow Dr. Charo’s personalized meal plan used by women with a variety of goals including those looking to lose weight, improve overall health, get beach body reach for summer or even prep for bikini competition.

6- Schedule your weekly phone or Skype session with Dr. Charo to discuss progress against goals and next steps to maintain or accelerate momentum.

What You Get

1- Body assessment and fitness evaluation session

2- 12 week supply of the Morning Teatox and night cleanse

3- 12 week personalized meal plan updated biweekly with no cook options or eat out only options

4- 12 week personal training and fitness plan updated

5- 12 weekly consultations with Dr. Charo conducted via Skype or phone

6- A biweekly grocery list to help you shop for the right nutritious and tasty foods to stock your fridge and pantry

7- Post program nutrition guidelines and recommendations

This kind of transformation is greatly accelerated and is made all the more easier with the ongoing consultations, support and involvement of Dr. Charo. “The more frequently you and I, the better and faster the results!” Dr. Charo


Morning Teatox

Organic pu-erh tea (pu`er), organic yerba matte, organic sencha green tea, organic guarana, organic dandelion root, organic milk thistle, organic ginger root, organic cardammon, organic ginseng root, organic rooibos tea, organic matcha tea, organic fair trade black tea, organic mango flavor, organic passion fruit extract, caramel apple, mango or mocha chai mix (depending on flavor), the caramel apple flavor contains Corleus Forskohlii

Night Cleanse

Organic fair trade senna leaf, organic valerian, organic fenugreek seeds, organic aloe vera powder, organic cacao, organic peppermint, organic gotu kola, organic anise seed, organic cinnamon bark, neem leaves, organic carob, organic orange peel, organic fennel, organic ginger