4 Weeks
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The basic plan is intended to help you kickoff your weight loss program with natural teas and a nutrition plan that is personalized to your dietary sensibilities and goals. Buy Now
8 Weeks
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This plan is intended to help you lose more than 20 lbs and target specific areas of your body for fat loss and sculpting such as cellulite, arms, thighs etc. The program incorporates all the elements of the basic plan, adds 4 weeks and gives you one 10 minutes consultation with Dr. Charo, and on... Buy Now
12 Weeks
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Are you a pro at losing weight then gaining it, then losing it and gaining it all back again? Do you rely on food as an emotional crutch when things in your life aren’t looking so great? Or do you simply want to radically change your body so you feel good about what you see in the mirror? The Ult... Buy Now
One-on-One Consultation
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Consultations: don't want to commit? Have binge eating problems? Pregnant? No problem! You can talk to Dr. Charo for individualized advice on nutrition, beauty and fitness! Dr. Charo offers single online nutrition consultation sessions that can last up to 45 mins! At Dr. Charo's clinic, we unders... Buy Now
Hottie Soup Cleanse
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Souping is the new juicing! Sip yourself slim this fall with the new 4 Week Hottie Soup Cleanse! 5 ready-to-make delicious flavors, packing tons of nutrients, anti-oxidants to help cleanse your body and get rid of toxins, and Dr. Charo's slimming formula targets hunger, bloating and sugar craving... Buy Now
Detox Chocolate Pudding
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15 Servings Per Pack Make rich, creamy, healthy and nutritious chocolate pudding in under a minute when you use this high protein chocolate pudding mix. Each 60 calorie serving delivers 10 grams of quality protein and 30% of the daily value of calcium. Our Hottie Detox snack makes a delectable as... Buy Now