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At Hottie Detox, we're passionate about developing unique, scientific and super effective programs that truly make a difference to your life. As a clinician and medical researcher, Dr. Charo has spent years researching the effect of inflammation and toxin accumulation on the human body, specifically how inflamed cells, make the body more predisposed to weight gain, constant hunger and cravings, and illness on the long run.

All our products are made in the USA, in our South Florida facilities to be exact,  where our certified organic and natural ingredients and clinically test our products to make sure you get the best quality supplements for the best results. We encourage you to click on the science tab and learn more behind the science that lead to the creation of Hottie Detox.

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We’re so proud of our unique formula and so confident of its effectiveness. Give it a try, effects typically start showing from the first cup!

Step 1

 Morning Teatox


10 minutes before breakfast Dr. Charo added  guarana, Puerh& Gotu Kola with several flavor combinations to create a delicious and fresh tea blend you can enjoy hot or cold. 

Step 2

Night Cleanse

Our Night Time tea is made with  Ginger, Burdock, Senna, and Psyllium husk  to create a delicious chocolate flavor! Helps with bloating and digestive discomfort, leaky gut and cleanses the colon from toxins and processed junk we eat!


Holobiotics Hottie Detox is based on the belief that true health only happens when you’re living in a state of cooperation with the trillions of tiny microbioms that live everywhere in, on, and around your body. Think of your body like an apartment complex. You’re the landlord, and these trillions of tiny bugs are your tenants. Some of those bugs are “good” tenants: managing your digestion, helping energy move throughout your body, and powering as much as 80 percent of your immune system function, to keep you from getting sick or infected. But your body is also home to “bad” tenants: Toxins (Heavy Metals, Lectins...); pathogens (bugs that cause illness and infection); and gut yeasts (which harm healthy digestion and help make you overweight).


Toxin Overload
Naturally, you don’t want these “bad” bugs or toxins in your body. But when you feed your body unhealthy foods like sugars, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, this causes toxin accumulation of overload. These toxins help them kill off the “good” molecules…and turns your body into the kind of “building” where only bad bugs would want to live.


Molecular Detoxification

To restore your body to optimum health and wellness, you need to be sure you’re taking care of your “good” molecules and eliminating toxins or bad molecules. Every product from Dr. Charo is designed with this purpose in mind…whether it’s a nutritional supplement for keeping the cells in your gut powerfully effective…a wellness tea program to nourish the healthy bacteria and eliminate toxins …or any of the exciting new products currently in the works in the Dr. Charo labs.



Dr. Charo's expertise as a medical researcher led her to new breakthroughs in full-body holistic remedies. Over the past 11 years since she founded Hottie Detox, Dr. Charo has helped over 250 000 patient and client worldwide achieve optimal health using natural solutions.


99% Agreed the program is easy to follow




*Survey results from a survey sent in November 2018 to 2019 customers who have tried the Dr. Charo’s Products

**Of 83% of customers surveyed who achieved results they anticipated.

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One on One Consultations

It took Dr. Charo over 10 years of working with the toughest cases to make these new discoveries. She created Hottie Detox to share them with you.

While we are able to serve a few hundred patients a year at our in person centers, we know our reach is limited. In fact, we currently have a 6-month waiting list for those who wish to see Dr. Charo in person.

While we love seeing patients, we knew we could also help more people by providing personalized one on one online consultations, that anyone could take to improve their health at home. You don’t have to wait even one week to take advantage of these life changing discoveries. With that said, on the behalf of Dr. Charo and the Hottie Detox family, Welcome! We are honored to have you here, and it is our pleasure to guide you toward a healthier, fitter, and happier future.

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