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Whether you’re just starting your Hottie Detox journey or are maintaining your incredible results, you’ll love these three customer favorites.
Level 1 (Less than 65kgs)
Level 1
Regular price $99.00
The basic 4 week tea program is intended to help you kickoff your health and wellness program with our tea formula designed with herbs that aid in cleansing, eliminating bloating and appetite control, and an anti inflammatory meal plan that accelerates results even more! While the program is not ... Buy Now
Level 2 (more than 65kgs)
4 Weeks Detox Program
Regular price $149.00
The advanced 4 week tea program comes with 1 "induction" week and is intended to help boost results by incorporating Dr. Charo's herbal formula and expertise designed to cleanse the body with our natural teas and herbs, and a one on one guided meal and consultation program plan that accelerates r... Buy Now
Fat Burning Gummies
Regular price $99.00
Always hungry? Feel fuller with our clinically proven ingredients Easy & Convenient Program Drive Wellness and Reduce Fat Absorption* Helps to boost metabolism Formulated with Clinically Proven Natural Ingredients   Made in the USA STEP 1 Appetite Control TAKE 2 EVERY MORNING Espress... Buy Now
Summer Detox Box (Gummies & Teas)
Regular price $199.00
New! Our summer detox box contains the morning and night teas, one bottle of gummies (pink or blue) or the 5 day booster and as a gift with purchase either one cellulite scrub or collagen protein (gift doesn’t apply if you used a discount code and is depending on availability) Buy Now
Breastfeeding Teatox
Breastfeeding Tea
Regular price $99.00
Congrats on becoming a mom! We are so happy for you and are so excited to be part of your journey to remove fats and get your pre pregnancy body back! Dr. Charo developed the Hot Mamma 4 week Breastfeeding Wellness   Program specially for you! Remove fats safely and efficiently with our breastfee... Buy Now
Cellulite SCRUB
cellulite scrub
Regular price $49.00
So good you can actually eat it!! Dr. Charo's cellulite and acne scrub is the "Best Acne, Anti Cellulite" and the "best stretch mark treatment, Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins & Eczema" according to the majority of our customers!    CELLULITE ENEMY: Dr. Charo combined the best quality... Buy Now