Level 1 Teatox   (up to 65kgs)

Level 1 Teatox (up to 65kgs)

Up to 10 kgs

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The basic 4 week detox program is intended to help you kickoff your health and wellness program by cleansing your body with our natural teas and herbs, and a meal plan that accelerates your results even more! Say good bye to hunger and dreaded dieting and say hello to the new YOU! RECOMMENDED for anyone looking to lose up to 10 kgs or 22 lbs, and for women looking to get rid of bloating, cleanse their bodies and avoid weight gain.



How it Works


1- Drink the Morning Teatox 10 minutes before breakfast or lunch. This will help control your appetite, suppress your cravings, boost your energy and speed up your metabolism for accelerated weight loss! No need to starve yourself or feel hungry to look great and feel great!!

2- Before going to bed, drink the Night Cleanse (“Triple Chocolate” is our fav!) and wake up bloat free (not to sound gross here but you know what we are talking about!) and with a flatter tummy.

3- Follow Dr. Charo’s personalized meal plan used by women with a variety of goals including those looking to lose weight, improve overall health, get beach body reach for summer or even prep for bikini competition.

What You Get

1- 4 week supply of the Morning Teatox and night cleanse

2- 4 week personalized meal plan


Morning Teatox

Organic pu-erh tea (pu`er), organic yerba matte, organic sencha green tea, organic guarana, organic dandelion root, organic milk thistle, organic ginger root, organic cardammon, organic ginseng root, organic rooibos tea, organic matcha tea, organic fair trade black tea, organic mango flavor, organic passion fruit extract, caramel apple, mango or mocha chai mix (depending on flavor), the caramel apple flavor contains Corleus Forskohlii

Night Cleanse

Organic fair trade senna leaf, organic valerian, organic fenugreek seeds, organic aloe vera powder, organic cacao, organic peppermint, organic gotu kola, organic anise seed, organic cinnamon bark, neem leaves, organic carob, organic orange peel, organic fennel, organic ginger