Diamond Package
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The 6 Months Hottie Detox Diamond Package is perfect for women with a long term goal to reach, whether your BMI is higher than 30, have more than 30 lbs to lose, or want to have access to Dr. Charo as your personal nutritionist, to maintain your weight and avoid weight gain, the 6 months Hottie D... Buy Now
Collagen Peptides (unflavored)
collagen protein
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100% babe friendly Proudly made in the USA (in Florida to be exact) A protein designed by Dr. Charo for us, women Doesn't trigger insulin spikes like Whey Doesn't contain Sugar/Dairy /Lactose Free/ Dairy Free Improve skin texture and tone Remove unwanted weight Keep hunger away Keto friendly ... Buy Now
Detox bottle
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Ā  Healthy livingĀ and proper hydration are a must for every Hottie. Water is vitally important when it comes to staying healthy and vibrant. Did you know that you should be consuming approximately 2 liters of water daily? For some this might seem unachievable, which is why we have compiled 5 great... Buy Now
Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish
4 Weeks
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Pitch black powder to whiten your teeth?! Sounds crazy, but it works. Our 100% organic Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish effectively whitens teeth by adsorbing stain-causing debris and bacteria. It removes stains without toxic chemicals, promoting good oral health and preventing bad breath. Ā  What... Buy Now
Fat Burning Gummies
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Formulated with effective fat burning ingredients Drives weight loss and reduces fat absorption* Sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian* STEP 1 Appetite Suppressing TAKE 2 EVERY MORNING Espresso flavored gummies containing Green Coffee Bean, designed to give your day a boost. STEP 2 W... Buy Now
Hottie Detox Recipe Book, Eat To Fight Inflammation by Dr. Chantale Charo
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Dr. Charo'sĀ favorite recipe ideasĀ to detoxifying naturally, all year round--no dieting, no punishing your body, noĀ deprivationĀ  juice fasting, or calorie counting required--to lose weight, nourish your body, improve digestion, sleep better, and feel great, featuring over 60 pagesĀ of properly comb... Buy Now