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Whether you’re just starting your Hottie Detox journey or are maintaining your incredible results, you’ll love these three customer favorites.
collagen protein
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100% babe friendly Proudly made in the USA (in Florida to be exact) A protein designed by Dr. Charo for us, women Doesn't trigger insulin spikes like Whey Doesn't contain Sugar/Dairy /Lactose Free/ Dairy Free Improve skin texture and tone Keep hunger away Keto friendly Multi Collagen Pro... Buy Now
Chocolate Collagen Protein
collagen protein
Regular price $59.00
NEW Chocolate Cake Collagen Protein is packed with so much delicious chocolate flavor, it can be added to water alone! Just toss a scoop into your water bottle, shake, and drink on-the-go for all of the beauty glow benefits you love with a refreshing summertime taste you won’t be able to get enou... Buy Now
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Dr. Charo's superfood blend Is A 4Phase Plant Based Supplement That Reduces Inflammation, Alkalizes and Energizes All In One! Every day you're exposed to toxins . Dr. Charo's formula formula provides daily support for the healthy elimination of these harmful chemicals and supports overall we... Buy Now
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Do you feel nervous or suffer from stress, low energy and anxiety? Dr. Charo has gathered the best herbs and teas, and combined them in 2 blends you drink in the morning for positive energy, good mood and a clear mind, and at bedtime to relax, combat insomnia and anxious thoughts.    EFFECTIVE! ... Buy Now
Detox bottle
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  Healthy living and proper hydration are a must for every Hottie. Water is vitally important when it comes to staying healthy and vibrant. Did you know that you should be consuming approximately 2 liters of water daily? For some this might seem unachievable, which is why we have compiled 5 great... Buy Now
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Dr. Charo's favorite recipe ideas to detoxifying naturally, all year round--no dieting, no punishing your body, no deprivation  juice fasting, or calorie counting required--to wellness  , nourish your body, improve digestion, sleep better, and feel great, featuring over 60 pages of properly combi... Buy Now